Posted on 05-08-2007
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Helloooo there!

It’s been awhile, I know. But, I’m ready to get my updated posts online whenever Europe’s internet is ready for me.

Let’s see… I’ve got Vienna ready to go, Prague just about done… We didn’t go to Salzberg, as planned, but instead to the mountain village of Halstatt, which was amazing. I’ve still got to write about our time there, but that will be a pleasure.

I’ve got a ton of pictures to get online, too… Our hostel here in Munich has WiFi, it just doesn’t work and they can’t fix it. Pretty sure Mike & I could, but I’m not sure how they’d feel about that.

 Anyway, things are going great, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch everyone up in the next day or two.

It’s nightime here, so Guten Nacht!



Tom Doud on 26 August, 2007 at 9:09 am #

Nicky, I just learned of your travels from your grandmother Polly. Her husband Tony, and my paternal grandmother were distant cousins, and over the years, our families have stayed in contact, especially since my family has roots in Madison, CT since the 1600’s! Polly and I communicate a couple of times per year, and she just told me about your Euro trip and website. I just tapped into this site and am truly amazed at what you have done and how you have documented and captured the highlights. The skydive was incredible! I am looking forward to reading the whole trip, a piece at a time. Good Luck!

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