Posted on 04-07-2007
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The adventure starts tomorrow! At around 7:30pm our Virgin Atlantic flight will be headed to London where Mike, Hayley, Hayley’s Cousin and myself will begin our journeys through Europe. Mike was my freshman roommate at RPI, and is my partner in crime/innovation. Hayley was our next door neighbor at the time, and it was from the end of freshman year that the idea for this trip came. About halfway through the trip, we’ll be meeting up with Mike’s friend, Erica, who will be with us for the rest of the trip.

In 24 hours, we will likely be on the plane, but staying true to my usual style, I have not yet started packing. We’ve been shopping and getting all of our things in order for quite a while now, though, so packing should go quickly. Packing should also be easy because of the limited number of things I’ll be bringing with me.

Off the top of my head, we’ll be traveling to England, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Amsterdam, Ireland… and I think I’m missing a few… and it will last from July 5th to August 23rd, about 7 weeks. All we’ll have is a backpack full of our things, so packing light is key.

Being home the past couple months has been great and as exciting as this trip will be, leaving is somewhat bitter sweet. As soon as we return, it will be time to head back to school, so as much as the summer is just beginning it feels like we are at the end of it. I think I’ll get a better grasp on how long 7 weeks of travel is once we get started, though!

This is really more of an intro post, I’m hoping to add posts as frequently as possible, and in the future they should actually be interesting and entertaining.

In January I bought an incredible Canon dSLR camera with this trip in mind, so I am planning to take a gratuitous amount of pictures along the trip and really improve my photography. Each time I post, I will update the header image on display above with a picture related to the post, and probably post a bunch more pictures.

That being said, I probably will completely forget about this in the excitement of everything and you won’t hear from me until August 23rd! Time will tell, enjoy following along!


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