Posted on 07-07-2007
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Well, we ended up having to go from London to Lille, France and are about to head to Paris now. We were casually hanging around our cheap hotel and realized we may need to check-out soon. I went down and asked “Quelle temps nous devons partir aujourdi?” and found out we had to be out by 11, it was 10:30 at the time.

So, we’re about to head out of this room but I wanted to just post an update quickly. Last night we went to a restaurant/cafe and had huge beers, and I had a “Cake Tomates”… which was interesting.

This morning, Mike and I woke up at 6:00 and checked out Lille in the morning and ate Crepes at a small Brasserie. Lille was actually really nice… A good warm-up for Paris.

A bientot!

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